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Why you should have your FREE winter check.

Posted 10-11-2023

As winter approaches, it’s getting darker earlier, and the weather is starting to frost.

Reduced light and varying weather can mean driving is made more difficult. Therefore, the risk of an accident is dramatically increased!

Many breakdowns or accidents at this time of year could easily be avoided by ensuring your car is fit for Winter, which can be looked at as part of Clementine Cares FREE 10-point Winter check.

A Winter Car Check is essentially that, ensuring your car has the best chance to make it safely through winter. Read on below to see how you can take advantage.

  •  Tyre Inspection
  • Battery Inspection
  • Coolant and antifreeze check
  • Windscreen Wipers Inspection
  • Lights Inspection
  • Oil Check
  • Body and trim inspection
  • Paint Inspection

Tyre Inspection

Don’t overlook the importance of your tyres. Our Winter Car Check includes checking tread depths and overall tyre condition to ensure optimal grip and safety on the road.

Battery Inspection

Temperature changes can affect your battery’s performance. Our technicians will check and test your battery to ensure it’s properly charged, protected, and securely installed. This way, you won’t be left without power when you need it the most.

Coolant and Antifreeze Check

Prevent engine breakdowns by checking the coolant and antifreeze. This helps protect your engine from freezing and potential damage caused by low temperatures.

Windscreen Wipers Inspection

In winter, clear visibility is vital. Our technicians will inspect your windscreen wipers and washer bottle fluid, ensuring they’re in good condition to clear salt, water, and road grime from your view.

Lights Inspection

With longer nights, proper functioning headlights and taillights become even more crucial. Our inspection will ensure your lights are working correctly, keeping you safe and legal on the road.

Oil Check

Avoid breakdowns and engine damage by checking your oil. Our technicians will assess oil levels and advise on the appropriate action in colder weather.

Body and Trim Inspection.

Our technicians will look over your vehicle’s body panels glass and trim to ensure everything is secure and correctly fitted.

Paint Inspection

To ensure your vehicle is prepared for the winter weather and the salted roads we inspect every panel for chips or damage that will leave the surface at risk of corrosion or paint failure. We also check paint protection if applied for any areas of failure.


 Stay proactive with these essential checks and enjoy a safer and more reliable driving experience during the winter by contacting Chartwell today.


Ring us at 01332 340972 or Email to book your FREE winter check. Not only can you take advantage of this, but Clementine Care also offers FREE roadside accident assistance in the event of a breakdown!


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