Useful Information

A guide to Vehicle Insurance

Choosing an insurance policy for your vehicle can at times be a mine field, with so many offers and incentives to entice you. But what is the real cost to you when choosing a vehicle insurance policy?

This guide is designed to offer you key information that you may not know and some questions that you may wish to ask prior to entering a policy agreement with an insurance company.

5 questions you may wish to ask...

  1. Will you be restricted in exercising your legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle in the event of an accident?
  2. Does the insurance company recommend the use of manufacturer approved repairer centres?
  3. In the event that you make the decision to choose your own repair centre, rather than the one recommended by the insurance company, will you be charged any added excess as stipulated in the small print of your policy?
  4. Will there be any added charge or restriction for including a courtesy car on your policy which is supplied free of charge by your repair centre?
  5. Will the insurance company ensure that only genuine manufacturer parts are used in your vehicle’s repairs?

5 things you may wish to know...

  1. It is your legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle and you should not be restricted in exercising this right.
  2. Courtesy cars are provided by the repair centre at their cost, not the insurers.
  3. All repairs must be authorised by your insurance company regardless of where it is repaired.
  4. Insurance approved repair centres are appointed based on agreed commercial terms with an insurer. Manufacturer approved repair centres are appointed based on the repairer meeting strict training, tooling and competency audits carried out regularly by the manufacturer.
  5. Residual values and vehicle safety may be compromised when manufacturer approved repair methods and processes are not followed.